This page is an archive of information used by the PFC for the 2015 Portimao Fly In - It must only be used as a guide as this page will not be updated.

G-JFRV RV-7A John Fisher John Wilson
G-JBTR RV-8 Bob Ellis Jill
G-CECV RV-7 Martin Stevens Rob Gibby
G-CGWG RV-7 Gary Waters Peter Owen
G-OATZ RV-12 James Armstrong Melanie
N-583CD Cirrus Jane McNamara Paddy Only to Cherbourg
G-GCDC Cirrus Rod Morgan David Sanders * * + Ralph Bettany


Here is a web log of the The Scottish Aero Club who flew from Perth to Tangiers via Portimao in 2012 to give you a flavour of what lies ahead.

Flying in Portugal - Email from Carlos Trigo (pdf) - RV Pilot based in Santa Cruz

Flying to Gibraltar - Notes from John Fisher and Martin Stevens from 2010 (doc)


Country Homebuilt Permissions AIP *** Charts Remarks
France No - Standing Agreement France AIP Transair + A/F Here  
Spain John Fisher has obtained for RVs** Spain AIP Transair + A/F Here Click here for English translation of permission
Portugal As Above Portuagal AIP **** Transair Airfields Info Map (Obrigado Carlos)***
Morocco Not apparent from AIP Morocco AIP Morocco Charts ***  

** Not for RV12 as John not aware G-OATZ was going at time of application

*** If unable to find English version Open in Google Chrome and there is a translate option on address bar - top right 

**** Requires registration

Flying In France (Pdf) - From Pilot Friend Website

Flying In Spain (Pdf) - From Pilot Friend Website

Some English to French RT Phrases ... and some German. Thanks to Tom Booth for compiling


Linked airfields have arrival info

Wed 20 May EGFE/EGFH Cherbourg (LFRC)* Agen (LFBA) Suggest IBIS "Centre" not by airport
Thu 21 May Agen Braganca (LPBG)    
Fri 22 May Braganca Santa Cruz (LPSC) **** Portimao( LPPM) ALVOR GOLDEN FLY IN
Sun 24 May Portimao Jerez (LEJR)* Tangiers (GMTT) ** Suggest IBIS "Center" not by airport
Mon 25 May Tangier Various locations to RTB    

* Clear Customs - Customs Airfields in Spain - Customs Airfields in France -
** Bob trying to find out if we can arrange customs clearance from Portimao to Tangiers. Update (12 Feb and 1 May) - Spoke to Viv West (oragniser) and customs not possible at Portimao
*** Possible two nights (TBD)
**** When planning this leg download this Visual Chart from Portuguese AIP the AIP entry here for route confirmation [halfway down and see notes at end of section]. Here is the same thing but from the VFR Manual Rules and Procedures Suggest route Santa Cruz to CAS VOR and start the Visual Tunnel route at Cova Do Vapor (About 1 nm SW of Trafaria on coast) ie VS1 > VE1 >VE2 Note heights for South/East Bound legs are the lower ones. LATEST 3 MAY - NOTAM on Sky Demon shows VE2 Southbound now has an altitude of 1500 Ft however I cannot see an amendment on the AIP page yet - also note Sky Demon shows correct VRP's but wrong height from Cova Do Vapor.

All aircraft draw up/file their own routes (Note **** above). 

John F recommends from previous experience to:
1. Plan VOR to VOR if possible as it makes it easier for ATC and communications
2. Avoid taking off/landing over French lunch (1200-1400 local) - you'll probably get a better service :-)


Please make own arrangements - Suggest IBIS hotels (no cancellation charge before 1800L rates available) and for Portimao....

"The Yellow Alvor Hotel, Lunar Village Hotel, Luna Clube Brisamar, Luna Alvor Village or the more prestigious Penina Hotel & Golf Resort  where I have negotiated a small discount which can be claimed quoting the reference 'Fly In Event'" (Organiser Viv West)

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