PFC HISTORY (Under construction)

"The name Pembrokeshire Flying Club was formed in the early eighties within the G-AVAR group that had formed and purchased a Cessna 150, the group consisted of 12 members all equal shareholders in G-AVAR. They consisted of (excuse spelling) Ray ( flying instructor), Steve Hetini hotel owner Saundersfoot, John Rees, Joan Powell (holiday accom operator), Don Parks garage proprietor Miguel from Tenby, Scruff Oliver ex RAF and others, I joined the Group in 1982/1983, we met monthly in Tenby at Miguel's hotel or Steve's in Saundersfoot monthly meetings I think, then we had evening classes to obtain IMC Ratings and other general aviation matters, later we met at the portacabin at Haverfordwest, I (John Fisher) cannot remember the exact year but eventually I believe Don Parkes son at I think again flew of that is the correct word threw a hedge at Welshpool. John Rees purchased the wreckage hence still at Haverfordwest. With the insurance and I think extra Capitol we purchased G-??LL a PA28 however very few ever flew her and it was decided to purchase a Cessna 150 Aerobat, we secured a swap as I recall, by this time I had rebuilt an was flying my Cessna 150 and it was decided to sell the aircraft and disband the group due to little use. 

But we did thankfully hang on to the title Pembrokeshire Flying Club a name that many others tried to commandeer." John Fisher - a founder member and current Treasurer.

PFC re-formed on 30 October 2007 at Rosemarket Golf Club and Airstrip with the idea of forming a social and safety awareness flying club and in 2008 moved to the current club room at Haverfordwest Airport.


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