Saturday 4th July 2015

Pembrokeshire Flying Club held a Fun Rally to provide a flying challenge to fixed wing pilots that is both safe and FUN


The rally consisted of eleven aircraft flying  a 53 NM course around scenic Pembrokeshire during which there were timing checks at certain points and photographs to identify with a spot landing at the end of the route. 

Pembrokeshire County Council once again offered free landings subject to registration to the competition and uplift of fuel . 

Congratulations to Peter Morgans and John Davies in the Aeronca and here is the final results sheet

Helping Malcolm and Bob were:

Dan - Spot Landing

Francesca and Anthony on CP1

Bernie and Rhona on CP4

PFC T-Shirts were also awarded to:

Best Novice Entrant - Matt in his Pulsar

Best Landing - Colin in his Cherokee

Most Challenging Aircraft to Compete In - Nick in his EAA Biplane

Traveled the Furthest and Least Time Penalties - Fergus in his Cherokee

Most interesting fact of the rally? - Colin's and Fergus's Cherokees rolled of the production line in sequence back in 1967 and were re-united at this event.


Last Updated 24 July 2015