Date of last update: 25 June 2021 WX STATION WARNING - HUMIDITY and AUTO METAR Wet Temp UNRELIABLE (Bit annoying after 4 years of relaibility - will investiaget the issue soonest) PFC Club Room NOT avaiable for use whilst COVID measures are in place until advised


Welcome to the Pembrokeshire Flying Club (PFC) website. Our aim is to promote aviation in Pembrokeshire through social gatherings and flying events including fund raising, fly ins and fly outs, flying competitions and safety awareness evenings.



We have a club room in the terminal building of Haverfordwest Aerodrome (EGFE) where members can relax and use IT for Flight Planning. We also have a webcam .......

as seen on TV (BBC Wales - 20 October 2016)


........ and weather station which can aid pilots returning to EGFE when the control tower or Haverfordwest Flight Centre is not manned.

We have a varied membership of around 30 with varying degrees of aviation backgrounds; enthusiasts, aircraft owners, aircraft builders,  microlight pilot, ex-military, instructors, LAA inspector.  If you would like to join this like minded club please follow the "Contact Us" link