Most of you will be aware that there is an Auto METAR at Pembrey but I suspect very few will realise that there is one at Aberporth.  With a paucity of METAR information here in West Wales these two are quite handy.  If you are a Sky Demon user (who isnt?) this is how you set it up to report in the Weather Briefing Page ...

Go to "Create Custom Data"

Set up a "New File" I called mine UK  then "New" and add the information - crucial bit is "ICAO Ident:" and "Position" I selected "None(Disused) under "Traffic Type" as it leaves the smallest mark on the mapping.

Pres "OK" then "Save All"

When you plan your return to EGFE it should pick up Pembrey (EGOP) as you will probably fly close by and for Aberporth.

If you are not flying close by Aberporth and it and it doesn't appear on the Weather Brief page then set it as an Alternate (right click on West Wales airfield ).  It should then appear as in this example here ..

Note Cork is also here - as our weather mainly comes from that direction I set up a waypoint in St Brides Bay and named it "Cork 270/130" (Bearing and distance).

Hope this helps